About company

The decision to build a plywood plant was made in April 1960. In December 1969 the plywood plant was put into operation. The new plant was designed to have a capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters of plywood. The technology of plywood production was being mastered, plant workers acquired certain skills, and in 1972 the real output of plywood surpassed the border of 30 thousand cubic meters per year.

At the same time, a new kind of plywood was created - combined with internal layers of coniferous wood. This was recognized as an invention, and it was awarded with a bronze medal of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. In 1987 the Arkhangelsk plywood plant was the first one in our country to produce so-called hard-combustible slabs.

The second stage in the development of the plywood plant came in 1988 with the release of the Law on Cooperation. The management of the plant understood, that it was possible to bring the enterprise to a higher level of development only by embarking on an independent development path, separating from the Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill. The staff of the plant supported the management in making this decision, and on October 1, 1989, the plywood plant separated from the structure of APPM and joined the state cooperative enterprise of the association "Moscoopsoyuz".

In 1990 the staff of the plant already shut off the project capacity, 9899 thousand rubles of profit were received, and in 1992 - more than 16 million rubles of profit. A considerable role in this success was played by entering the foreign market and a sharp increase in the export of products. During this period, the interchain communications were completely replaced, the whole equipment of the plant was overhauled, the crane overpasses were changed, three bridge cranes were replaced, and the lumbering department was reconstructed.

Unfortunately, from 1992 to 1998, like in the whole country, there was a period of stagnation, but even in these difficult times, the plant was always paying salaries and taxes to the state on time.

Since 1998, the plant again started to rise. The staff gradually increased its output, at the end of 2006 it produced 89299 cubic meters of plywood, which is 177.2% higher than the designed capacity, 75.5% of the output is exported.

The plant produces about 4,900 cubic meters of fireproof plywood plate for car building. The technology for the production of such plates was developed by the Central Scientific Research Institute under the supervision of the head of the laboratory of the Institute A. Orlov and the engineer I. Trofimova, who worked together with our specialists.

This technology is unique in the whole world. The Arkhangelsk plywood plant exports its products to the USA, Canada, England, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Estonia and other countries. In terms of the quality of its products, the Arkhangelsk Plywood plant is one of the three best plywood factories in Russia - this was noted by US experts.

In recent years the staff of the plant has received the silver and gold signs of the All-Russian competition of goods, was awarded with the certificate of the "Leader of the Russian Economy", honorary diplomas "Best Russian Exporter", the diploma "The North's Property" and other awards.


In our products, in addition to high quality, we invest a sense of responsibility to the environment, which is based on the thoughtful use of the limited natural resources throughout the entire process chain, from the production process to the recycling of secondary materials.

Arkhangelsk Plywood plant JSC staff consists of 1060 employees, whose activities are aimed at strengthening and economically developing the enterprise.

Over the past years, employees of our enterprise have made a great contribution to the development and establishment of the plywood plant. The collective is stable, united and friendly. Thanks to the organizational talent and coordinated work, the team successfully copes with the tasks assigned to it.

Now the plant employs highly qualified specialists, who are distinguished by their responsibility for their work and ability to withstand the difficult situations.

The administration of the plant encourages its best employees, who have achieved significant successes and made the greatest contribution to the implementation of production programs. The road to success for the collective of the Arkhangelsk plywood plant was not strewn with roses. It is worth remembering, at least, the fact that the enterprise managed to reach the set design capacity more than 20 years after launch. All the victories and achievements are the merit of the people working for the AFZ, their dedication and mutual assistance. Arkhangelsk plywood plant is not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles!