Plywood processing

Different types of plywood processing on request



Do you need high-quality cutting of plywood for workpieces? Our experts will help you choose the optimal plywood cutting for workpieces, providing the cutting maps. The cutting is done on a format-cutting center with CNC.



We process the workpieces on modern high-precision equipment with numerical control (CNC):

  • We can give the workpieces a specific contour;
  • We can create a beautiful pattern on the surface of the workpiece;
  • We can make a formation of a groove

Hole drilling, groove selection


  • Through/blind hole drilling;
  • Countersinking;
  • Groove selection.

Grinding of plasti, edges


to remove local irregularities, prepare the surface for painting and leveling the sheet thickness.



Transparent finishing - to underline the natural texture pattern of the material.


Opaque finishing - a coating that completely covers the texture of the pattern, is made by opaque paintwork.